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Meet our Founder, Dr, Lana Joseph-Ford

Dr. Lana Joseph-Ford was diagnosed with speech delay as a child. She now uses her resilience to advocate for children and adults with speech and hearing disorders.

Mobile Health Services

At High Level Speech & Hearing, we believe in community-centered care. Our team of mobile providers offers personalized mobile health screenings at schools, daycare centers, concerts, music festivals, and corporate sites to encourage the early recognition and treatment of speech and hearing disorders. Mobile services we offer include:

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The High Level Speech & Hearing Center Team is currently accepting patients for Teletherapy Services. These services include Speech Evaluations, Speech Therapy, Hearing Aid Consultations, and Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy. Learn more about how to book your appointment.

The specialists at High Level Speech & Hearing Center are committed to providing superior patient care and effective treatment options in a modern, welcoming atmosphere. We consider our patients our family and take pride in making your needs our top priority. Schedule your appointment at our office in Uptown New Orleans or Harahan.

Our Services

High Level Speech & Hearing Center specializes in the evaluation, identification, and treatment of speech and hearing concerns in both children and adults. The experienced staff at our award-winning clinic is dedicated to providing the highest quality care to each patient we serve in the greater New Orleans area.

Speech Evaluation and Therapy Services


Speech disorders affect both adults and children.People that suffer with speech disorders may be able to understand the language, but they might have trouble with pronunciation and fluency. Language disorders, on the other hand, can impact language comprehension skills. We regularly treat speech disorders such as language fluency, delay, stuttering, and difficulty swallowing.

Hearing Test and Ear Exam Services

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Hearing loss is the third-most common chronic physical condition affecting individuals in the United States and is even more prevalent than cancer or diabetes. Affecting both adults and children, hearing loss typically occurs gradually. We offer preventive care such as hearing screenings, as well as hearing devices, tinnitus treatment, and other services.

Hearing Aid Services

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Hearing aids are the most common form of treatment for hearing loss, and modern devices feature many stylistic, technological, and comfortable features to accommodate your lifestyle. Our audiology team will evaluate your needs and preferences to help you find the best and most affordable option for you.

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