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Advances in Hearing Aid Technology

Electronic hearing aids have benefited millions of users since they first became widely available in 1898. To this day, the technology continues to improve, making more and more amenities accessible to the average user. These recent technologies are only some of the advancements that have come to the market.

Directional Microphones

New hearing aid technology represented by a hearing aid provided by audiology clinic High Level Speech & Hearing Center in New Orleans, LA

Dealing with background noise is a common struggle for people who use hearing aids because the noise is often amplified so much that it distorts what they actually want to hear. Directional microphones help to solve this by only picking up sound from one direction and filtering out other noises. In fact, many modern hearing aids have this technology built-in already. In some cases, users may have to switch to a different mode, but other hearing aids can automatically change modes based on the environment.

Streaming Accessories

Whether for work or for fun, computers, smartphones, and tablets are an everyday part of many people's lives. Bluetooth technology makes it easy to link between hearing aids and devices to listen to shows or other media, take phone calls, or receive GPS instructions.

Recharging Capabilities

Not too long ago, hearing aid users had to be proactive about changing the batteries in their hearing aids, which required a level of dexterity that many users found challenging. Now, many devices are rechargeable, and some only require placement in a charging pod to hold up to a 24-hour charge.

Smaller Sizes and "HearRings"

One of the most significant changes to hearing aids over recent years is their appearance. Once large and bulky, hearing aids are now small and easy to wear. Some companies are taking this to the next step, with companies such as HearRings turning hearing aids into earring-style accessories with different colors and even attached pendants or other decorative elements.

Although hearing aids now offer a wide variety of technological and aesthetic advancements, the most important benefit they offer is helping to improve the user's ability to hear. Whether your hearing loss is genetic or noise-induced, the audiologists at High Level Speech & Hearing Center can help determine the best style of hearing aid for you and your lifestyle. Schedule an appointment for a hearing assessment at our New Orleans or Harahan clinic today.

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