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Exercises for Your Hearing

If you've ever been instructed to perform listening exercises to help with your hearing, it was for a good reason. A study by the National Council on Aging shows that, while hearing loss cannot be reversed, it's possible to strengthen current hearing pathways to help ensure that minimal further loss occurs. Untreated hearing loss, even mild hearing loss, can lead to auditory deprivation, where the brain becomes accustomed to not hearing certain sounds. By using the following listening exercises, you may be able to help preserve your hearing for years to come.

Memory Exercises

A couple sitting representing exercises for your hearing explained by speech pathologist High Level Speech & Hearing Center in Harahan, LA

Though it may not seem like it, memory exercises could pay off for your ears in the long run. Listening requires a greater intensity of brain activity and can stimulate the hearing pathways in ways that passive interaction can't. Ask a friend or partner to run through a number recital with you. Start by asking for three numbers. Repeat them back in reverse order. Continue growing the list of numbers. You can do the same with sentences, but instead, recite back the first and last word of the passage.

Music and Background Noise Exercises

Listening to music may help you better differentiate speech sounds while background noise is present. Turn on the radio or log in to your preferred streaming service and ask a friend to talk to you from a slight distance at a reasonable volume. Try your best to filter out the music and focus on their voice. You can add more noise sources as your skill improves.

Focused Listening

This may sound like a form of meditation, but focused listening can help with hearing. Find a quiet place to sit and focus. Try and locate the furthest sound away from you and focus on it. Then, find the closest sound and do the same. Figure out how many individual sounds you can isolate. This exercise can help with identifying individual sounds and words.

At High Level Speech & Hearing Center, we specialize in speech and hearing disorders. Our certified Doctors of Audiology provide hearing assessments and can prescribe appropriate hearing aids if we find any hearing loss. If you're concerned about your hearing, schedule an assessment at our New Orleans or Harahan office today.

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