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Proper Hearing Aid Maintenance for Long Lasting Results

Hearing aids are a wonderful tool to have. Unfortunately, hearing aids can often collect a build-up of earwax (a very regular occurrence). To prevent the need for repair, regular cleaning of hearing aids will help keep your aids in tip-top shape. Thankfully, keeping your hearing aids clean is a quick and easy process.

Morning Cleaning

A medical professional helping a patient with her hearing aid

Each morning, once your hearing aids have had time to dry out, you should take a minute or two to clean them off. Use a soft brush to clean off the microphone cover. You can use a soft brush made specifically for hearing aids. A soft bristle children’s toothbrush will work just as well.

After that, using a soft, clean, dry cloth, wipe down the entire hearing aid. Clean this cloth regularly to ensure cleanliness. Be sure to use disinfectant wipes for this only if they are specially formulated for hearing aids.

Night Cleaning

Before you go to bed at night, be sure to open the battery doors. This allows air to flow through your hearing aids. Not only does this air out your hearing aids, but it will also help extend battery life.

Once a Week Cleaning

Once a week, you should take a bit more time removing additional wax and buildup. You can do this by using a wax pick to remove any stuck-on wax. Be careful not to use the pick around the microphone or receiver—you do not want to cause any damage! If your hearing aids already have a wax guard, replace this as needed.

Regular Maintenance Tips

When changing your hearing aid batteries, be sure to wipe the battery compartment clean. When combined with regular cleaning, this will ensure a longer battery life. Keep your hearing aids out of reach of pets and children. Storing your hearing aids in a consistent safe spot is a smart way to prevent unnecessary damage. If after following these steps and you notice a problem, you may need to schedule a hearing service to make sure the problem is not the equipment.

Be Cautious!

There are a few things you should always keep in mind for the proper maintenance of your hearing aids:

  • Keep water away from hearing aids at all times

  • Do not use chemical wipes that are not specifically made for hearing aids

  • Keep all cleaning objects out of the microphone and receiver ports

Following these tips will make sure your hearing aids work to their full capacity. Schedule an appointment with High Level Speech & Hearing Center to make sure your hearing aids are clean and in proper order.

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