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Three Tips for Driving Safely With Hearing Loss

Millions of people rely on their ability to drive to meet their daily responsibilities and maintain their sense of independence. Drivers experiencing hearing loss may worry that their hearing will interfere with their ability to drive safely and efficiently, but the truth is that hearing loss doesn't have to prevent affected individuals from getting behind the wheel. Here are three tips for driving safely with hearing loss.

Focus on Sight

Whether it's through visual cues, sign language, closed captioning, or other aids, people with hearing loss tend to rely on their sense of sight more than people without hearing challenges. Additionally, people with hearing loss sometimes have faster visual reactions and more accute peripheral vision than those with normal hearing. Paying more attention to the sense of vision can be helpful on the road, where noticing distant details and reacting quickly are very important for staying safe.

Avoid Distractions Inside the Car

All drivers can improve their safety by avoiding distractions inside the car. Because hearing-impaired drivers often need to focus more intensely on auditory cues from the road, however, it's especially important that they avoid in-car distractions, including conversations with passengers, phone calls, and audio-based GPS devices. In emergency situations, drivers with hearing loss should safely pull over to make phone calls or to look up directions to a destination.

Take Steps to Improve Hearing

Having regular hearing screenings and taking steps toward improving hearing are two additional ways that drivers with hearing loss can get behind the wheel more safely. An audiologist can suggest aids and services that can significantly boost drivers' confidence and security on the road. With the help of hearing aids, for example, people with hearing loss may be able to drive with little to no difficulty or distraction.

Hearing loss doesn't have to inhibit your ability to drive or your day-to-day sense of independence. At High Level Speech & Hearing Center, we help hearing-impaired residents of the New Orleans area to improve their hearing and live without limitations. Schedule an appointment today to discuss driving and hearing loss with a hearing professional.

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