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Three Tips for Protecting Your Child's Ears From Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Although some kids are born with hearing loss or develop hearing problems because of an infection or other illness, excessive noise exposure is the leading cause of hearing loss in children. The signs of childhood hearing loss, such as difficulty with paying attention or ringing sensations in the ears, are subtle, but the damage can limit a child's ability to hear for the rest of his or her life. Here are three tips for protecting your child's ears from noise-induced hearing loss.

Teach Them About Hearing Health

A toddler wearing headphones

Children may experience ear-damaging noise in a variety of settings and social situations, such as at school, during sporting events, and while attending concerts. Parents can't monitor their children's hearing 24/7, so it's important to help kids understand the dangers of loud noises so that they can develop safe hearing habits. Teach your child early about the importance of wearing ear protection, participating in school hearing screenings, listening to music at reasonable volumes, and visiting an audiologist if hearing problems arise.

Enforce Safe Listening Volumes

Kids of all ages are increasingly drawn to phones, tablets, and computers for music, movies, online videos, and other sources of entertainment. Unfortunately, most of these devices are capable of sending ear-damaging volume levels through headphones, so it's important to do your best to keep track of your child's listening habits and enforce volume limits. In general, if your child is listening through headphones and can't hear you speaking from a few feet away, the volume level is likely too high.

Protect Your Child's Ears During Noisy Events

While some excessive noise is unpredictable, you can anticipate certain high-volume situations and reduce your child's chances of suffering from hearing loss. For example, before concerts, large parties, or sporting events, invest in earplugs or noise-reducing headphones for the whole family. You should also consider finding seating that's less crowded or farther away from speakers and other sources of loud noise.

Curbing excessive noise exposure can help reduce your child's chances of experiencing lifelong hearing loss. At High Level Speech & Hearing Center, we offer children and adults in the Greater New Orleans area a full range of hearing services, including screenings and hearing aids. Call our office or use our online scheduler to book your next appointment.

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