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Video Chatting Tips for People With Hearing Loss

Video conferencing doesn't just connect coworkers for remote business meetings these days. It's also a valuable tool in helping those with hearing loss stay connected with friends and family who either live far away or are practicing social distancing at home. Using a phone can often be challenging, but with video conferencing, you can chat clearly and simply with your loved ones more easily than ever before. Learn more about how to use video chat and which platforms work well.

How to Arrange a Video Call

A Zoom video call with two people

First, talk to your family to see which platform will work best for them and download the software to your smartphone or computer. If you're using a computer, make sure your device has a webcam. Most modern computers have them built into the top of their screen or monitor. Then, simply set up your account and walk through the steps to connect with each other by accepting contact requests. Here are some tips to remember before starting your first video chat:

  • Ask for a friend or family member to help with the setup process

  • Make sure your room is well lit

  • Keep the groups small at first

  • Make sure only one person is talking at a time

  • Keep your camera steady

  • Sit close to the camera


Sometimes, it can still be difficult to hear everything in a video chat. That's why Microsoft is using artificial intelligence to provide captions on Skype. These captions automatically scroll during a call once turned on or set as a default option. You can view the captions in a side window to know exactly what's being said.

Google Hangouts

This platform provides a relatively high-quality video experience that can enable you to read lips or sign if members of your family know sign language. The standard version is free to use, but the professional version that requires a subscription—Google Meet—has captioning included.


By now, everyone has heard of Zoom. It has helped families, businesses, and students stay connected during this stay-at-home era. Its service is free if you keep conversations with 3 or more participants under 40 minutes, and it features a chat room pop-out that can be used in case some words weren't clear during the chat.

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