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Hearing Services to Help Patients Live Life at Full Volume

Degrees of hearing loss can occur in both children and adults from medical conditions, aging, injuries, genetics, and exposure to loud music and sounds. Reduced ability to hear can impact how we communicate and connect with the world, but treatment may help those suffering from hearing loss overcome these challenges. High Level Speech & Hearing Center offers hearing services designed to help our patients hear—and live—life at full volume.

People talking and laughing, cleary hearing each ther very well - High Level Speech & Hearing Center

About High Level

We believe that quality speech, audiology, and hearing solutions should be accessible to everyone, so we take a community-driven approach to hearing services. By educating the community on communication disorders, we’re able to reach diverse populations of adults and children who wouldn’t otherwise have access to hearing health care. We’ve received honors and awards for the services we provide at our clinics in Uptown New Orleans and Harahan. We’ve also received accolades for our mobile speech and hearing services, which we bring to local schools and daycares for early intervention efforts. As a woman-owned company, we strive to be leaders in hearing health care without excluding lesser-served populations; we accept Medicaid and have financing available to provide every patient with speech therapy, hearing, or audiology treatments. We don’t have a waiting list, and we accept walk-ins for hearing services.


Impacts of Hearing Loss

Over time, the direct and indirect consequences of hearing loss can be far-reaching. Without treatment, it can affect vocabulary, as certain sounds and letters become harder to hear and distinguish. This can cause the brain to have difficulty reproducing those sounds in speech. Conversations with friends and loved ones may become challenging to follow, especially in crowded restaurants and bustling social settings. People with untreated hearing problems may begin to avoid these situations altogether. They may feel isolated and alone as their relationships and mental health become impacted by the inability to hear clearly.

Untreated hearing loss can also affect cognitive health and physical safety. Studies by Johns Hopkins and other institutions have found links between untreated hearing loss and dementia, Alzheimer’s, and declines in other cognitive capabilities. The inability to hear fire alarms, smoke detectors, sirens, weather alerts, and other emergency signals can put a person’s safety at risk.


Ear Exam

How We Can Help

Untreated hearing loss can deter people from participating in the relationships and activities they once enjoyed. At High Level, we want to see every patient live an active, rewarding life. Our hearing and audiology services were designed with a patient-centric approach, which means finding solutions for each patient’s unique situation. We assess more than just speech and hearing: we also treat dizziness and balance issues, feeding and swallowing problems, and the many problems hearing issues can cause. We help people overcome these issues with real-world solutions that work for them, ranging from hearing aids and earmolds to virtual assistants like the Echo device for speech therapy. Additionally, we have an in-house Musician’s Clinic and provide specialty services for military members, veterans, construction workers, and others with specific hearing needs.​ 

If you struggle to understand conversations in loud places or find yourself constantly turning up the TV, or if you suspect that your child has trouble with hearing, you could benefit from hearing services at High Level Speech & Hearing Center. Call us today at 504-267-8962 to schedule a hearing assessment.

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