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Teletherapy Services Offered at High Level
Speech & Hearing Center

Even though you may not be able to stop by our office as you continue to observe social distancing guidelines, you still have access to our award-winning staff and high-quality care. Currently, we're only accepting patients for Teletherapy services, but you can still schedule all of your appointments online.

What Are Teletherapy Services?


Teletherapy utilizes telecommunications technology to virtually connect clinicians and their patients. This software allows our patients to continue to receive treatment by live video sessions. Similar to FaceTime, this technology allows our patients to receive evaluation and treatment for their speech and hearing concerns, even when meeting face-to-face isn't possible.

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Whether you need to speak directly to a professional at High Level about finding the right hearing aids or your child needs to attend a speech therapy appointment, we are still able to provide personal care and effective treatment via modern technology. Our Teletherapy services include:

Speech Evaluations

Speech Therapy

Hearing Aid Consultations

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy

Teletherapy Services We're Offering

How to Schedule Your Teletherapy Service


To schedule your appointment, please call our office or use our online scheduling toolHigh Level Speech & Hearing Center is committed to continuing to provide patients in Greater New Orleans with accessible, compassionate care, no matter the circumstances. To learn more about our Teletherapy services, contact us today.

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